We used to make New Year’s Resolutions. And we tried hard to keep them. Sometimes they worked out. We lost weight. We got stronger. We stayed in closer contact with old friends and family. We felt good.

And sometimes those resolutions didn’t quite pan out. The weight that we lost mysteriously returned. The flurry of emails we exchanged with people petered out. And those other projects like repainting the window frames, learning how to Tango, finishing off the kitchen remodel…somehow just didn’t happen.

I think there are a number of reasons why we abandon New Year’s resolutions: We set unrealistic expectations, we try to change too much at once, we lack the necessary support we need to see ourselves through, and we have slip-ups that become the end-ups.

So this year, we didn’t make any resolutions.

Does that mean nothing is going to change?


On a recent trip to Venice Beach, we watched Mimi, the sun going down behind her, joyfully tossing a volleyball high in the air, catching it and doing it all over again. Toss, catch, toss, catch. Such a simple act was making her so happy. 

It reminded us to take things one day at a time. We definitely have some goals for this year, and we plan to work hard achieve them. But the pressure that we used to put on ourselves at the beginning of every January? Not there.

Of course we want to be healthier (i.e. lighter, stronger, in better shape). And we still want to be better correspondents, get more clients, and spend more time with each other. We still hope to Tango. But we’re just not going to knock ourselves out trying to reach those goals. Instead, we’re going to be more mindful and enjoy life more as it happens.

Whenever I see my daughter doing something and really, truly enjoying herself, I pause and remind myself that she’ll never be this small again. She’ll never be nine again. I try my best in moments like this to just watch her, to laugh with her, to play with her and feel myself smiling. Most of all, I just want to savor that joyous feeling, to hold onto it and remember it. If I can, I want to be that way in as many parts of my life as possible.

One thing we will be doing this year, and this is a pretty set resolution, is to post here more regularly. Once a week. So, watch out world, we’re coming your way!